a-MAZE-ing Daehan Dawon Tea Plantation – Where We Got Lost in the Beauty of Nature

Last Saturday, after we got our sandwiches from Hong Rui Zhen for breakfast, we set off on our hour-long journey to Boseong. Ever since I read about Boseong from one of my Korean classes last summer, I had wanted to visit this county from the South Jeolla Province with hubby. Now that both of us are in Gwangju, it’s it is very convenient for us to get there!

Boseong is famous for its stunning green tea plantation and their tea-related products like green tea ice-cream, green tea latte, green tea noodles, green tea pancakes etc. Since I am a huge fan of green tea, I definitely got to visit this place.

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Monday Mini Bites 😊 – Sushi Buffet and My Newly Bought Novel

How was your weekend?

Hubby and I visited the Boseong Green Tea Field on Saturday and we dropped by Chungjang-ro after our lunch yesterday to stock up on my novels.

Both of us were craving for sushi yesterday and so we decided to head to our all-time favourite sushi chain restaurant, Qooqoo Sushi Roll and Salad Bar. To our surprise, the outlet at Gwangju didn’t seemed as crowded as the outlets in Ilsan. There were plenty of seats to choose from and we got ourselves a private seat beside the window. We didn’t even have to queue for sushi! As usual, we charged directly for sushi, filling our stomachs full of rice rolls before we went for their special dishes for the month. I must say both the fried eel and the fried soft-shell crab tasted better than I expected. We concluded our buffet with a platter of fruits, a mini cheese cake and a cup of fragrant lavender tea. 48,000 won for the amount of food we wolfed down was definitely worth it!

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One round of this is never enough!

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Friday Reflections – Trikonasana and My Most Fulfilling Career

I was browsing Youtube earlier and chanced upon this video about an inspiring social worker from the little red dot who reached out to at-risk youth through circus. His commitment to help the youths reminded me of my last career before I moved over to Korea.

For years, I was stuck in a miserable job until I moved on to a helping profession in 2013. Personally, I think you have found your calling when you experienced all the three components in the triangular theory of love at work – Intimacy, Passion and Commitment.

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Friday Reflection – Uttanasana and my Dance Journey

It’s was a Sunday evening in 2015. Instead of going home after my part-time work, I headed to a dance studio for practice until 9 pm. That was how I spent my weekends in the last quarter of 2015 – Preparing for a dance concert. Despite the long hours and months of hard work I put into practice, I never made it to the performance. Or rather, I opted out on my own accord. It was a difficult decision but one that I did not regret making.

Barely Hanging

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How I Shop for Groceries in Korea

I purchase almost all my groceries in Korea online except for perishables like vegetables. It is extremely convenient and it saves me the trip of having to visit supermarkets and lugging heavy bags of items back home.

There are several online grocery shops in Korea and the big brands include Homeplus, Emart and Lotte Mart. Back when I was residing in Ilsan, Emart was not only nearer to my apartment, but most of the items offered were comparably cheaper. Their private brand label “No Brand” offers quality products at low prices. Over here in Gwangju, even though Lotte Mart is more accessible, I continue to place my orders from Emart for I still have plenty of membership points with them left unused!

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