Our Little Secret

Today, I finally managed to have an hour of me-time while my hubby and my little one are snoring away. It’s been half a year since I wrote and my WordPress account is becoming rusty (and maybe) dusty too…

Ever since I came back, I have been preoccupied with my new portfolio, settling administrative matters for my hubby to join me in Singapore and taking care of a new life that was growing within me! Yes! I am finally revealing this little secret!

My very first antenatal scan from a Gwangju Maternity Hospital. They provide a diary for mummies to document their pregnancy journey!

I discovered I was pregnant in mid-Mar, a few weeks before I departed for home. When I saw the double line on the test kit, I was both elated and at the same time, worried. Happy for we were planning to have one and we didn’t expect the surprise to come early! Anxious as our situation was unsettling. Hubby had resigned with the intention to settle down in the Sunny island with me for good. But Covid-19 thwarted our plans. Singapore had imposed a ban on travellers from South Korea due to the dire situation then and we were separated.

Back home, I immediately notified my organisation I was keen to return to work from my no-pay leave but was told I had to wait for a position. I waited for more than 2 months and it was nerve wrecking as the consultation fees and ultrasound scans were depleting my finances. That was also the time when Singapore entered the circuit breaker period and hiring practically came to a halt in most industries. Thankfully, I finally got a call from HR in early May regarding my posting. Definitely not a portfolio I am keen on but am extremely grateful to be given a job amidst a dismal job market.

Upon completing my SHN, I booked an appointment with Dr AL Lim, an obstetrician from Thomson Medical, a referral from my aunt. Most of the expecting mothers had their partners accompanying them into the consultation room and having my mum by my side was comforting or rather, I didn’t feel so nervous and lonely without my hubby. My first consultation with Dr Lim was a pleasant one. It was a far cry from my first visit to a maternity hospital in Gwangju where the obstetrician was indifferent and her assistant was rude and rough. Unlike them, Dr Lim was kind, humble and patient. He dishes out advice like a doting grandfather and ran through the entire scan thoroughly with me and my mum. My mum was thrilled to be viewing an antenatal scan for the first time. Such technology didn’t exist when during her generation. Dr Lim’s assistant was also very helpful and reassuring. Regardless of the number of patients he has to see for the day, he never rushed through his consultations. Sometime I have to wait up to an hour for my appointment but the attention and advice he gave made the waiting worthwhile! By the way, Dr Lim delivered my cousins and nephews and he remembers all of them! Isn’t he amazing?

All right, time for the next feed! Gotta go! Shall write about my pregnancy journey in the next post!

Happy weekend everyone 🙂

Life in Phase 2

It has been more than 2 months since I last blogged. Ever since I started work in end-May, I have been trying to keep up with the developments in my previous organisation. People have changed, structure has been reviewed and so have the culture. While it was comforting to be back in a familiar environment, I felt almost like a newbie, trying to figure out the culture and dynamics all over again. The only thing I am thankful for was being able to land myself a job in this uncertain economic time when so many fresh graduates and mid-career workers are struggling to find an employment.

blog 97c

One of the perks from WFH – admire the beautiful evening sky from my room window

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What I Have Been Doing At Home During Circuit Breaker

Hooray! I have finished serving my two weeks of Stay-Home Notice (SHN). Before the Circuit Breaker kicked in last Tuesday, I was texting my friends and arranging to meet up with them after my SHN. But with the rising number of cases lately, the government has put in place heightened measures. Now, it is mandatory for everyone to put on a mask when we step out, majority of Singaporeans are required to work from home except for workers in the essential service and school lessons have shifted to home-based learning. Singaporeans are adjusting to this new normal.

With these new measures in place, I have postponed my gatherings with my friends as well as my plans to visit some my favourite hawker centres and cafes in the Sunny Island. But I am not complaining. It is the right thing and the least I could do considering that many healthcare workers are risking their life, working tirelessly at the frontline to save lives. Honestly, staying at home isn’t such a bad thing after all. I take this as a good opportunity to catch up with my family and spend more time with them before I return to the workforce. Now that my mum and my brother are working from home, every single day is like a weekend where we gather to eat together during lunch and dinner. At least, my retiree dad doesn’t have to take lunch or coffee break by himself anymore!

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I Am Home…..For Good 😊

How was your weekend?

It has been slightly more than a week since I returned to the Sunny Island! I am currently serving a mandatory Stay-Home Notice, ending this weekend.

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Two weeks ago, hubby took a week of leave just to spend more time with me before I took off for Singapore. He took me for frequent short drives around Gwangju and even packed my favourite dishes for me. He had intended to catch the Cherry Blossoms with me, but sadly, it wasn’t the peak season yet and we only managed to see some lonely blooms.

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My Sewing Projects in Feb 2020

As the time to return home nears, I am committing more time to complete as many sewing projects as I can. I am certain I will be preoccupied with miscellaneous and administrative stuff back home and sewing will probably be the last thing on my mind.

Proud to present my sewing projects for the month of Feb!

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We Have Made Up Our Mind….

…to return to the little red dot and settle down for good. After months of pondering, inner struggles, mini squabbles and serious conversations, we have decided that settling down in Singapore is a wiser choice.

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As there are a number of administrative matters left for us to settle over here, I will be returning back home first while hubby will be joining me a few months later. I have already booked my one-way air ticket back home and all that is left is packing. I am also monitoring my flight status as SQ had announced on Wednesday that they would be cancelling a number of flights due to weak demand. Mine has not been affected thus far but I am constantly checking for updates in view of the sudden spike in COVID-19 cases in South Korea.

While I am glad to return to the Lion City, there are a few things I will definitely miss about my life here in Korea.

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Friday Reflection – Urdhva Dhanurasana and Cinderella

Its Valentine’s Day today! On this very lovely day, I would like to write on one of my favourite heart opening yoga poses, Urdhva Dhanurasana (or Backbend) and my quirky association with the first fairytale I read as a child – Cinderella.

For the fun of it, lets assume Cinderella is a yoga enthusiast who performs Urdhva Dhanurasana in her daily practice. Her stepsisters on the other hand, are douche bags who does nothing but infect each with their toxic behaviours and thoughts.

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Staying Home with your Valentine this Friday? Here’s What You Can Do!

There are just three more days to Valentine’s Day! What have you got up your sleeve?

Photo by Freestock

Image Credit: @freestocks.org

This year, Valentine’s Day happens to fall on a Friday, which supposedly is a great opportunity for couples to plan for staycations, picnics, glamping etc over the weekend. Some might even think of splurging a little to treat their loved ones to luxurious dining, professing their love with 999 roses, attending some workshops together or planning for a grand proposal.

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Sew Happy – My Sewing Projects (Dec 19 to Jan 20)

I wrote about picking up sewing again last November. I used to take sewing lessons from Quilts and Friends in Singapore and that is also where I picked up proper sewing technique and gained useful tips on mixing and matching fabric etc. It was my weekend hideout where I used to spend hours cutting fabric and spinning fabulous craft out of the Brother Sewing Machine.

Each time when I am about to complete a project, I would think about the next project I want to attempt and step into my favourite corner of the shop – a library full of neatly stacked fabric patterns! At times, I would even purchase a few fabrics without any intended purpose. I just love collecting beautiful fabric, but my mum thinks otherwise. She thinks I am a fabric hoarder and she always has this horrified “Not Again?!!” expression on her face when she sees me entering the house with a new bag of fabric. *Giggles*

Here I am, embarking on my sewing journey all over again! I have been scouring the internet and am extremely thrilled to have uncovered a treasure trove of free tutorials and inspirations for my sewing projects.

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